How to Choose an FPV Quadcopter

FPV (first person view) quadcopters are small, lightweight, and relatively affordable drones that have a camera mounted on the aircraft so as to send real-time videos through a transmitter. Simply put, these little gadgets can give you bird’s-eye views at breakneck speeds. They indeed can give you an otherworldly experience and are worth every bit of their hype.
In an attempt to help you make the most of your first-hand flying experience, we’ve listed all the things you need to consider while choosing your very own FPV quadcopter.


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How To Fly A Quadcopter

A quadcopter is easily one of the trickiest gadgets to use at first with most people learning how to make the quadcopter hover but really not much else. In this article, well go through the basics required to know how to fly a quadcopter and hopefully get you to fully realize it’s potential.

So, how do you fly a quadcopter? First, you will need to find an open space to avoid hitting other people or getting the quadcopter stuck on trees or other obstacles. Place your quadcopter on level ground. Next, on your remote control, start the throttle slowly by about 10% and slowly increase this until it starts hovering above the ground. As you continue increasing the throttle, you will notice that the faster the throttle the higher your quadcopter will go. Once you have done this and achieved height that does not strain your sight, preferably about a meter or two, you can now fly it out using your right hand controller and back again taking care not to send it too far out that you can no longer see it. Repeat this a few times then select target spots to land the quadcopter. Select about three randomly placed spots that you are going to land your quadcopter by redoing the process again. Increase throttle to take off again after each landing and throttle down for a landing. Be careful not to crash the quadcopter by reducing the throttle slowly and gradually to make sure it doesn’t land roughly. While doing this, a good tip is to try and be as steady and relaxed as possible with your right hand control t make sure you land on the right spot. Once you have done that well a couple of times, you can safely consider your maneuvering skills okay and can try it out on different other terrains.

The quadcopter is a very interesting and fun gadget to work with and if used well can be a good hobby. Hope you understand how to do it right and as all instructors say, patience is key in learning and the same applies in how to fly a quadcopter. good luck as you try it out.

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